1-20-08 4186 Lines.

Squished a weird bug so far. When you backed away from an attacking enemy, and then managed to hit a block button before the enemy attack finished, it would lock you into the block and shut off control. That’s not good, but it’s better now. I added a quickie correction that also turns off the block if nothing is attacking you.

-Piss ass bug. What I really wanted was for the block to show as long as the button is pressed, regardless of the distance. That way the player always has a tactile feedback on the system before an enemy tries to kill them. The previous fix corrected the issue, but now when you are out of range it does nothing when a button is pressed and the player only dodges when they are actually being attacked. That’s fine, but I only want to lock the player into one of those when they’re being attacked, and not when they are not.

-HA HA! Mo Fugg! That’s what you get! Mo’ better now. The bug is fixed, the right way. After mashing at it, trying multiple combinations of different variable and looking around for even more variables, I’ve found the solution. There are now two sets of control for how close you are. Up close, where an enemy will attack will still lock you into the move – which is what we want pending the animation line up. When far away, it is based on how long you hold the button, like the old system. Now it works more as it should. 😀

-This bug took all day. That’s so stupid.

– In random other news, I hate my utter lack of notation in most of my code. One day I’ll make sure to put in the comments when I write the code, but until then I find myself making the damn thing work, and then quickly moving on. Or, oddly – I put the comments in the diary. Hmm…

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