10-11 : 3655 Rows

Today I had some time to play with the main system. So I started just doing small tweaking. Now the Double Jump is more of a flip. After considering some of Steve’s (that my friend from High School who is kind enough to provide character designs and animations) artwork for the Thief, I realized that a standard Double Jump just doesn’t work thematically. He’s an acrobatic thief, not a fuggin ninja. So now it’s more of a Flip which give just a little extra height – maybe 125% or so. It also allows better changes in direction while in the air and looks better.

I also began some work on the Lunge system and set up the distances needed for testing. The lunge is really a variation on the Attack system that makes the attack system distance dependant. So if you are close you attack, further you lunge and further still you’ll approach. The idea is that if you are far away, you can hold the button, approach and the lunge when you get closer. For now, I have tentative systems in place that change color to let me know where the hell Zero is in relation to the enemy.

-In terms of this, I appreciate the fact that I worked out a way to put Akuma up on stuff first. It allowed me to put him safely up on top of a platform so I can test distances without him beating the hell out of me.

-Also added some tweaks to control. Now, the Ctrl key is an all around Action key. It jumps in Exploration Mode (not fighting) and attacks in Combat mode. Alt still does dashy style moves and shift still whips out a sword. Also have a new placeholder for combat – the old block animation. Looks good, for a placeholder.

-Built a lunge animation. The slash is red since I thought it would be cool. Still not in the game.

– Updated the ExitProgram() function with the CloseGraphics command and turned of the Unload() Function. I think that CloseGraphics closes all of my graphics which made Unload() redundant. Now the program closes and doesn’t crash. So, yeah, smiles.

– Now in random news that I didn’t add when it actually happened a week ago. Mittens passed away. I came home and she was all curled up in her box, so we took her to the parent’s house and buried her next to my old rat Scabbers. She fit into a size 9 shoe box. Now when I look at her box, I think she’s going to pop up looking for cheese or crackers. She doesn’t since she isn’t there anymore, and it makes me sad.

– Can’t end the entry on a downer, so Sonic is in SSB Brawl. So, yay. Still no word on whether Marth is AWOL though. *sigh*

– No new code file for today. I over wrote 10-10 since I didn’t really do anything on 10-10 and didn’t feel non-flickering was worth his very own update.

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