Issues are what is up today. Home sick and getting some other work done. So I installed the combat movement in and now I’m debugging it. Odd thing is the Enemy Attack system. You see, when the enemy comes at you, they stop at a certain range (adjustable by Skill and by extension, enemy type) and then they attack you. Issue is, if they are not within that range they don’t attack. So if they come up, and you move, it disrupts their attack pattern and they don’t attack at all, regardless of how close they actually are to you. It’s confusing, but I found a workaround. Now, instead of a slow backwards movement like originally designed, the player can now do a short backwards hop away. I then tied the hop to the Dash meter (that also powers aerial dashes, ground dashes and the combat roll.) So now you can move in, but you can’t just hop away (since the Dash meter needs to be filled for it to work). So you can use it to dodge and move into a better position, or you can hop away and then block and hop again, but you cannot run away forever. Now it needs some animation to look sweet and everything should be good to go.

-Random consideration. Since the Combat system uses the Dash Meter almost as much as the Exploration system I may need to add something to the Player Character that represents it. Maybe having their weapon change color slightly or something. That way you don’t have to look at the upper right of the screen to see if you can hop/dash.

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