I uck, and the S key is going out on my keyboard. No update in forever. I have no excuse really, except for my shiny new XBOX 360 that I got for my birthday. Anyhow, back on the case. Yesterday I finally adjusted the lunge system and it works at a distance. The idea I had was to assign the attack variable to either 1 or 2 depending on the distance to the enemy you are when you press the attack button. The system then pays the appropriate animation and does the appropriate thing based on what the attack variable is. So the issue from before is all fixed now. Now the idea is to install the lunge damage system which will do damage on a random variable based on the enemies skill level.

-Had a design idea. First, the PC should be able to move forward and backwards while in the Combat mode. Forward should be pretty quick, but backwards should be slower than the enemy moves, so they can catch you. Kinda like the movement system in Street Fighter. To avoid lunging, then putting away the sword, then moving and lunging again, I’ll install a “put the sword away” delay when you put the sword back. So I’ll try to install that business.

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