No updates, but I did do some work. Here’s the rundown of the new stuff:

-Jumping Animations. Mostly since I needed to create a “hop” animation and Zero only had jumping ones. So it does double duty and he has a few frames when in the air. Same old flip though, since I likes it.

-Completed dodge and hop animations, for realsies. Installed them too.

-Actually finished and debugged the animation lock code. So now the animations line up (sorta). It looks funny since I am lining up animations that have different timing and are totally dissimilar but the system works, so when I have the finished animations (from my animator) those should look great. So all in all, it’s been a very constructive day and I feel confident in the outcome.

-In random other news, I am taking a class in 3Ds Max and I have to do a final project. Methinks (it’s a real word, look it up…naysayers {also a real word}) that I may do parts of the final scene at the end of the game that way. Then I get double the outcome with half the work.

-In even more random news, I had a weird dream last night. In some odd way I was playing my game on XBOX, and it was super sweet. Not the gameplay (since it was a dream) but the hand drawn animations and backgrounds looked great. So, I have hope for that.

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