Don’t have a lot of time today to wax poetic. Instead, I’m going to make enemies dash proof.

-Done. Now when you dash through an enemy they throw you. Nice. I’ll figure out something involving the animation later, but it works for now.

-Uncovered a weird bug though. When an enemy reaches the end of their little patrol, they get confused and keep walking on. Which could be in the air- so that’s not good. I’ll swan-dive into the code to see what’s up.

-Mas Bien (That’s mo’ betta for those of you that don’t live in San Diego). The bug is fixed. I also installed the bit where the enemy forgets about you.

-But wait! Didn’t you say we wouldn’t be doing anything like that? I did. But a weird side effect happened that I’m quite fond of. You see, the “Alert” mode basically made it so the enemy can see you in 2 directions if it just lost sight of you. Well, that worked out stupid for patrolling (see the previous post), but combat flowed better with it. There was an odd bug, that I thought I fixed, where an enemy would kick your ass, and then forget all about you and walk away. Now, if it loses sight of you, it will be aware in 2 directions for a couple seconds, turn around and continue the beat down. This all happens in a single frame, so you don’t even see it anymore. Anyway, I don’t want it to happen after you’ve been seen, no matter what, that’s dumb. So it takes a couple seconds and then is resets…and works. So sweet.

-Next, I’m going to install the climb up code by modifying the wall code a little bit. Methinks that I’ll have it jump frames based on where you hit the wall. So if you hit really low it will play the whole climb animation, but if you hit high, I’m thinking it will skip ahead to the later frames where you are already up on the wall a little. The plan is that I can use a single climb animation and get it to look good.

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