8-14-07 – 756 Rows

No update in 5 days? What’s going on now? Well, stuff that I won’t bother anybody with. Remember, it’s okay to stop when life happens, just remember to come back so you don’t end up with a half finished thing. Tonight I’m up to the wee hours because of handful of Excedrin and a tummy ache (damn you delicious Mexican food, damn you to Hell) and I’m working on the Death Rectangles thing, which will be the collisions that determine if you are dead. So spikes and flames and stuff like that.

-Grrr. The animation system is set up a little stupid. Each individual frame has its own variable so I need to set the current frame variable to the test variable – one at a time. If I used a system that kept track of where on an animation page something is drawn instead it would be better for this, but slower overall and then I would have to deal with Losse Jpeg crap. It’s faster and cleaner the way it is, but it’s irritating when I need to do something like this. Oh well.

-Went through and set up the gCurrentImageTest variable, so I have something to detect collision with.

-Squished an Event Handling Bug I noticed. Now if you duck and try to Run, the Run overrides the duck instead of the other way around.

-Now there is a real Dash Animation to the left instead of a placeholder. Rather, it’s a different placeholder.

-Now I’m saving the file as the current date, so now I’ll have a running demo for each of these entries. I’m also keeping track of the total number of rows when I’m done for the day. Today it’s 756 rows.

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