Smallish update, did a quick correction of the Akuma attacks so they line up better with each other. Stop the floating punches and kicks. Woot. Eventually there will be real animations (done by a real animator) and I can fix these things with an email instead of some minutes in PSP. *sigh*

Since I was in there, I added the UnLoad() function, which gives the picture spots back to memory. Now I get a weird crash, but the crash happens faster than ending the program, so I’m OK with it until I can figure out WTF. At least I don’t play and then exit and have to wait a few minutes to fix something.

-Here’s a random thought I had: A custom built engine will be more flexible by default yet will be more expensive to produce. I would think that I’d like to always build a new engine, or use an engine that I (or my Team) had previously produced. Given the option, flexibility is better than trying to force something to work.

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