9-19-7 #2

A Second update? Yes, well I got bored and started playing around with a test for the Mouse system thinking it would take me all day to figure out. Well, I’m smarter than that, so that took all of 5 minutes. “So, now what can I do?” I ask myself. I know, a box that allows me to exit the program and figure out an overlap system. Bingo bango, I had a box that I could click, with the mouse and everything! (and it exits the program). Then I thought, what the hell, and made the Exit button change color when I could click on it. Then I got playing with the system and assigned a variable to keep track of where the mouse is and assign a variable to it. When I click it places the beginning of the rectangle, and then when I let go, it places the bottom of the rectangle, and draws a rectangle right where it is supposed to be. So, in other words, it works exactly like I wanted it to so far. Good day overall.

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