Two different projects sucks, especially when they are connected. On the one hand I want to build the level editor since it is something new to do. On the other hand, I added some features to the engine and I don’t want to move on until those are all set. So today I’m doing a little of both. The Engine needs the Lunge function, and an enemy collision system. ThiefEd needs, well, everything at this point. So far I’ve set up a new window that pops up with the Ctrl key. This will eventually be the rectangle selection menu.

The other plan today is to set up a rudimentary enemy collision system. I considered using the same collision system that the PC uses, but disregarded that since it may slow the game down and make a slick system all convoluted and stuff. Now I have to figure something out. The enemy needs collision so they don’t walk off of things. That way I can put them up high on stuff and make the player fight them where it’s is more dangerous.

-A thought on the enemy collision. I could maybe set up Limits for the enemy. So they don’t fall off of things. I’ll build a test level and try that.

-I can’t stand it, I just can’t stand it. I built a test level using regular rectangles, and for some reason, when you touched them it put you on top of them automatically. So, yeah, that was stupid. To top it off, when you would touch it from the side it would make you run at it. Not grab like you’re supposed to, run. Or stand there like a retard. Turns out I did some tweaking of the collision rectangle code. Now the other levels were built using the Moving Rectangles and had it tweaked for those. Consequently, when I put regular non-moving rectangles in, it got all confused. Argh. As a side note, now I remember how I control the physics. There is a function called GroundControl that checks all of the available rectangles for collision. Now that I think of it though, there’s a much better way to do it. Using the loop, if I add +1 to the system when collision is detected, and then turn on the physics if the total is greater than 0 it would work even better and be smoother. I’ll try that real quick.

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