Dumb, really dumb. That’s what the computer is. I tried to implement the new physics system, and then the program would crash every time it was loaded. So I’ve pondered for the last few days how the heck to test it so I can fix it.

-I also caught a weird bug. When you would dash and hold a direction in the air, you would disappear and then reappear when you let go of the key. Odd, but squishable.

-Sweet. Mas bien. The collision system now has the new counter system installed, which simplifies it and makes it more flexible. Now I could theoretically add more collision-ables and have it be more easily integrated into the engine. The issue was with the Event Handling. The function that controlled turning on the physics has a redundant rectangle overlap system in it and was first. The redundant system ensured that it would always work, regardless of where it was in the loop. When the redundant system was removed, the required information was not in place to control the outcome, so the function had to go after the regular collision. Yeah, I know. Took me 3 days to figure out WTF. But now it works.

-After that little side story, I’m going to go back to what I was doing – the enemy limits.

– I also worked out a new defensive/counter system. Instead of just dodging and then trying to attack on the off frame, I figured that I could install a counter system. So if the player hits the attack button at the right moment, the PC will counterattack, deal some damage and knock the enemy out of their attack sequence allowing a free hit. This way a good player will be able to lunge, duck, counter attack, attack and rush the enemies. More offense = better combat system. I’ve also considered that the actual dodge/block animation should be tied to the enemies’ attack. So when the button is pressed, the PC will enter a High Block or Low Block ready position. If it is the correct one, then the PC will do a defensive maneuver that lines up with the enemy attack in terms of total frames. That way they will finish at the same time. This also means that the player can focus on trying to Counter instead of focusing on holding the appropriate button down. Now I just have to code it. 😛

– Emoticons are =D

-Done with the collision system. Now I can put Akuma on platforms and he won’t walk off like a weirdo. Since I had that installed I went ahead and made it so he only runs at you when you are on his line of sight. Otherwise he patrols back and forth. I may work out a system so that it locks the room down if the enemy sees you so you can try to sneak on by. I think that would be cool, but I’ll think about it a little before I update the AI system. After all, Errol Flynn doesn’t sneak. On the other hand, the main character is named “The Thief.”

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