9-4-07 3306 Rows

Hello. Actually did work yesterday, but the computer got turned off before I could save the entry. Yesterday I added the basis of the combat roll and a duck/dash roll. The standing roll also got tweaked so it can go under low hanging Death Rectangles, which is kind of the point. I also tested the hell out of it both in and out of combat and it works out nice.

Today the plan is to finish what I started yesterday and install the frame lock.

-While I was poking around, I realized that I absolutely hate taking damage from a medium fall. It’s stupid, you should be alive or not alive and the environment should be safe or lethal. A middle ground in this case is retarded and only serves to induce a “What the hell? I took damage from that?” kind of thought. So, it’s out and I’m happy with it. The statuses still change though, which looks nice.

-Now that the falling code is almost finalized, I installed it into the Moving Collision function, so now when you fall onto a moving platform you can die too. That’s right, now they are moving platforms, not moving pillows.

-That last joke kinda sucked.

-The frames are locked at 30 FPS now. Why not 60 you ask? Because the game, all of the systems, animations and physics were written to update in 40 milliseconds or 25 frames per second. 30 is a little faster but that’s okay since now I have an easy to use frame rate for the animations and stuff. Besides, 60 is the goal but it may not run for everybody, and 30 is good enough for Zelda.

Other than that, installing the code went well, although I have a preference for the Wait Timer command over the Wait Event Command. It seemed that the WaitEvent command did odd stuff to the system, like make it accelerate, which is not what I was going for at all. So an easy install that didn’t break anything. For the next project, I’ll get the frame rate locked down early so I can tie all the system to it instead of having to tweak them afterwards.

-Random thought, the DrawBlockRect command would be great for the life and Dash bars after making a slight mod to the code. That way I could use a real image of something shiny instead of trying to line draw it and make it look all crappy.

-Finally, small adjustments and the frame rate looks great at 30. All good for now.

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