9-6-07 -3437 Rows

Today I plan to install the Push system into the Combat. The first to get it, and the plan for today is the “Throw” version of the code. The idea is to use a variation of the Wall Jump code, since it calculates and automatically moves you. So I’ll probably add that to the Doomed status. So, when you get tossed it adds the move variables (that won’t be added when you’re falling) and then the system goes to Doomed, then goes to kneel when you hit the ground. Maybe that could work, so I’ll give it a shot.

-Done. Had a problem though with the movement issue though. The system is set to default to the Fall status when nothing is going on and you’re not touching a platform. So when I kick the player up into the air it wanted to default to the Fall status, not the doomed status I set it to, so that needed some tweaking. Finally, it wouldn’t kneel when you landed, and the code is written in pieces, so I had to look in 4 different places for it. Aargh. It works for now, but without an enemy animation and only in one direction. The next step is to add Enemy Facing and tie it to that. After that, different enemies will have different pushes, so that can be implemented by Variablizing (is that even a word?) the code to accept different stuff for different enemies. Then I’ll consider creating a collision system for the enemies so that they interact with the environments. I wonder if I could use the existing collision system and add some bits to it. I’ll think about that.

The next major thing that needs doing is to convert the images to PNG’s and then consider implementing the Animation Reduction Algorithms. If it would give a performance boost I’ll do it, but otherwise I’d skip it for stability. Maybe I could add it at the end of the project during tuning. After that, I get to start the all new sub project of ThiefEd for levels.

-On a totally side note, my Rat Mittens has a tumor, a big one. I’m totally conflicted about it since it doesn’t seem to hurt her. On the one hand, I should take her into the Vet, but I worry that they’ll say “It’s too big” and put her down. On the other, I worry that it will get progressively worse, and maybe now they could still do something. This has nothing to do with the project, but I just needed a place to vent.

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