Our Approach

Star Frog Games is a freelance and independent game and design studio, meaning that we turn our unique development minded ethos towards creating solutions in game development, software development and web design for our own projects and those of our clients.

As an indie developer, and we bring that mindset into every project we work on. We’re always thinking of how to leverage what we have available and do something cool with it.

Our Story

Star Frog Games began years ago because we stopped asking for permission. It was born when the question stopped being “When can I?” and instead became “Why can’t we?” We began as a no budget indie studio and put our first project into the Independent Games Festival. Over time we’ve expanded both the kinds of games that we produce, and the types of clients that we serve.

We found over and over that people everywhere are still asking the wrong questions. But the correct question is, “When do start?”

Meet the Team

Eric Carr

The Designer

Eric is the designing, programming, writing polymath that leads the intrepid band that is Star Frog Games.

He occasionally has mad notions. Welcome to his favorite one.


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