Bad Behaviour

The Behaviours are done, and now colored in over there. => They don’t all work quite the way that I want them to, but they do work. It tends to get hung up just a little doing certain things, but nothing that can’t be fixed. So I’ll get to playtesting it now and harass The ADA for some animations. Now that the thing is all done I can give a finished list of needed assets. Then it’s just a plug and play. Granted, this wouldn’t work for most development but this way prevents me from having to throw away perfectly good animations. Generally, if the art gets done and it’s on the list, it’s in. With animations in I’ll get a compiled .exe over to The Tester so he can stress test it.
I’m just glad that the pieces work again and, more importantly, work correctly. Now if they would play nice together, that’d be prime.

– The Block Stun is in there too now. So if you block correctly, your control is locked out for a moment. It makes the combat easier since you don’t have to hold the button the whole time. It’ll also look cool later.

– Counter would be the next thing to do, but I may cut that depending on how the thing plays, especially after I speed up the combat movement. So I’ll hold on that and get to the Wall Hop next. I’m of two minds on the subject. One part says to have more of a wall run kind of move, where The Thief scrambles up for a period of time. The other says to actually have a hop, so at the top of a Jump the character jumps again upwardly. The difference is in gaps. The first will not work if there is a gap close to the ground. The second will work no matter what, provided that there is a wall at the correct place in the jump.
The Wall Run is a little more flexible though, since I would make it so that the player can cancel out and jump off the wall during it.
I’m left going back to the original reason for wanting it, which is to prevent people from using a Double Jump before they need it. A canned system would work better then. So the Hop it is.

-In something random, the Background Artist has been doing some Punch-Out style drawings and I think they’re kind of cool. This, however, will haunt my dreams.

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