Changing Track

I’m not having any fun with trains. I’m really not. I hate the little cars and the little turrets that ride those rails like old timey vagabond rail riding people. That last sentence really came apart like a cheap parachute didn’t it? Anyway, the reason that I hate them is because the math is dicking with me, and so are those stupid train cars.

Right, after the last posting everything seemed all good and well yes? I created a series of little switches that allow me to control when and in what direction the little train cars will go by changing their movement vector to be from straight to diagonal using an equation. All in all, good times.

Unfortunately, the math seems to want to be selective for what it will work on and how well. Imagine for a moment that the car is trotting along with it’s little hitchhiking turret on top. They are both going the same speed and all is more or less positive looking. Then when they hit the switch they change direction. However, somehow the turret is now going faster than the car and speeds ahead diagonally. So here’s the weird thing, with an equation the same input should trigger the same result.

1 + X = 2

…will always be X = 1. But no, instead the same gods damned speeds get converted into different diagonal speeds somehow. I don’t know why exactly, and it’s not something that I’m going to lose any sleep over. The train idea like I said, isn’t interesting enough to support a level anyway.

Hence the titles for today. What I have discovered is that while the wee trains cannot support a level, they can add a little flavor to one. So now, no more changing angles, just little trains doing little train stuff. That’s it. Moving on now. Got other stuff to do.

– This post seemed a little snarky at the end there. Hmmm, let’s think of something non-sequitur to end this thing like a donkey riding another donkey on a merry go round. Yeah, that’ll do.

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