CID Welcomes the Google Bot

Hmm, a break from the uploading of the archive for a moment. It seems that the Google Spider finally found me earlier today, when it was doing its internet crawl thing. Oddly, when I type in the exact name of the Diary “Confessions of an Indie Developer” I’m 4th in the list. I’m okay with that, since this is The Diary That Nobody Reads (Caps, since it is a title).
-In another thought, what’s the deal with Internet? I mean, it sounds like a dangerous place, full of Nets, Spiders, Bots, Hordes, Daemons, Webs and Portals…and apparently these things all get by eating Spam. This is why the elderly sit in the kiddie pool section known as Yahoo! or, god help them, AOL. Maybe we (and by we I mean somebody else) could change the names to cute sounding things. We could have a Mail Puppy, the Google Goat could wander into sites and graze them a bit, and instead of the Global Web, we could call it a Series of Tubes.

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