It’s the 12th! The Bloody 12th! I still have 3 days left! Yesterday I was up late. Really late, so I’m a little loopy today. =P

Yesterday I finished the List:
Enemies now have 150% of their previous health and the Bosses have 400% and 500% respectively.

Drop Down Bug has been corrected since I removed the non-essential ability.

Scripting for the 1st and 2nd Level are finished and work.

Each Chapter has different music. So does the title screen.

Common SFX have SFX, like running, attacking and getting hit.

GUI and Chapter Titles are finalized and installed. They look really nice I think.

Team Credits are installed with the appropriate web presences given.

Still to do:

Install the Final Animations and other art and correct the placements. Right now the placeholders are all installed (with 1 exception). After I get the art I still need to install it and then go through the Scripts and make sure everything still works and do the final script animations. So that’s why I can’t get everything on Friday night.

Build the Final Compile and get the installer to work. (The Free one from internets).

Do the Icon.

IGF Submission and FTP Information

Maybe, just maybe give a Chapter Select on the Title Screen. I’ll do that last, after everything else. Of if I find myself waiting with 30 minutes to spare.

Get a useful build to the Tester.

-Why doesn’t the Tester have a new build yet? Well, there’s a cute story to that. My email crashed yesterday. Let me repeat that with more incredulity. The online email that comes as part of my high speed internet that I pay through the ass for stopped working at the worst possible time in the history of anything. First it tells me, “Sorry, no email sending for you,” like some kind of Seinfeldian Email Nazi and then afterwards I only get an error that says, “We’re sorry, the links are broken.” The Links are broken!? Are you dicking with me? Not only that, but the Animator, err, Character Artist was supposed to send me the frames through my email. Through the email. There was/is rage, but I’m too tired at this point to feel more than a mild seething. Besides, I got the email this morning.

-Speaking of which, I noticed something that made me feel good. The Character Artist sent me the first batch of animations last night and I got them this morning. I got that lonely feeling last night at around 12:30. The feeling that I was the only person doing anything. This morning I got an email, and the time on it was listed as 2:11 AM – an hour after I went to bed. So it seems that somebody else cares too. It’s good to be wrong sometimes.

– The game works. It really does. Yesterday I ran the whole thing a few times to work out some bugs that were spaced pretty far apart, and you know, I can feel a little something about it. Some underlying joy from the way it works. The best part is when I don’t remember something that I built and I have to solve the puzzle with fresh eyes. There’s some gameplay in there.

-Oh, and the team agrees, the Cave in Sequence is a good ending for the IGF Build, and is widely considered to be “Awesome” and/or “Intense”

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