So, today I had a few hours. Turns out the day after Thanksgiving everybody just wants to sleep. Well, everybody else just wants to sleep. So I made some new changes to make the game better. So the new enemy attack animations are put in and work, I corrected some enemy placement issues and added the little pictures for when the characters talk. The new install file is also a lot smaller since I got rid of the extra files that I don’t need.

In case you ever feel like you want to download The Thief’s Tale, the link is:

YAY! Please play it and let me know what you think. Feel free to by brutal. I can take it. After testers tell you, “Um, yeah, the first levels sucks, you should re-do it” you develop a thick skin. Or you cry. I think I did both at the time.

Anyway, the site says I get 10 free downloads, so get them while there’s hot and/or available.

Right, then I uploaded the newish version to the IGF FTP so that makes me feel good. I had some lingering nagging doubts about the project like :Do the enemies all line up correctly? Did I
turn off the debugging stuff? Does the install file even work? Now I don’t have these. Joys!

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