Dr. Frankenstein

Yeah, that’s right. I got it. One of those things that has been requested day after day, and was, until about 20 minutes ago, beyond my grasp. Yep, Go-Go Gadget arms and booya, I can print the screen from a hot key. But wait, there’s more! I then built a script to do all of them at the same time. Then, egads, I built a script to stitch them all together like some kind of freakin Frankenstein monster, only instead of being built out of cadaver parts, it’s made out of awesome level designs. So, yeah, I’m felling good about myself at 11:00 PM on a Sunday night.
I’ll be getting that to my artist sooner, rather than later. I’m thinking a big map that’s drawn to scale and all of the screens all ready to go is, “More Art-ie, Less Tech-ie.” At least, I hope so.

Right then. Now I can go back to designing and implementing my new Combat System. Tomorrow. It is 11:00 PM.

EDIT: Funny story about Windows this morning. Yesterday, I set the system to build the monster, clicked the Compile button and declared, “Thundercats are GO!”…and nothing. I realized I had set no way for the system to let me know how far along it was. Oh well. I gave it 40 minutes and then found that my computer had locked down tighter than a chastity belt on a frog. So, I gave it the grace of a hard boot and tried again. After adding a method to let me know what was, you know, going on I let it run and went to bed. The previous process had taken 20 minutes or so, and I was expecting something similar.
When I awoke, the computer was off. Perplexed and still in my early morning haze, I made sure the computer was still plugged in, as the battery lasts all of 4 minutes. Finding that the plug was still in the wall like a good little plug, I restarted my system. A few minutes later the desktop appeared along with a message, “Congratulations, your updates are installed.” Generally speaking, The Rage would have commenced, but my day was only 5 minutes old, and I lacked the energy. I’ll try a smaller set later and see if that works better.

-In Not-News, I’m playing The Force Unleashed or as the cool kids call it, TFU or as it would be known if it was released on Super Nintendo, Super The Force Unleashed, or STFU. In any event, I’m getting a niggling feeling that the game is broken. The point is to walk around and lay waste with the sheer power of your Sith machismo. I get that, and when I get to do it, I enjoy it immensely. I especially like using some Force Lightning on Jawas – they make the cutest noises. What I also like is dressing up my little characters in a game. I think it’s because I’m a boy and didn’t get to play dress up with dolls when I was a kid. Yet, STFU makes me run all over the damn levels exploring to find the cute little outfits I can, um, outfit my wee lil Sith in. This of course highlights the terrible assed platforming design and keeps me away from the killing.
This seems contrary to the point. The game is obstinately about murder in the name of awesomeness and the platforming exists only as a way to get from Massacre A to Massacre B. Why not give me goodies for being badass? Why make somebody with the power of the cosmos at their disposal look around a scrap heap for some old robes? So, since I don’t want to miss the next thing that will make me look cooler, I enter an area, murder everything that is or could be alive, and then spend the next 3-7 minutes looking around the arena to make sure I didn’t miss anything. This ruins the flow a bit. I wish that I could either get over wanting to dress up my little dudes in these games or be given a damn code to unlock the outfits at the start. Maybe the lightsaber colors too. Especially that black one.

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