Fall Together

I wonder how long I can keep up the falling puns for the titles. In any event, yesterday the pieces started falling into place (HA! again!) and the system, as a whole started to work together. It doesn’t quite work like it should yet => but it does work. The primordial state of it is good, the shapes are still rough hewn, but the shape is at least correct. It’s still buggy a little, but it’s stable and it’s now written in a way I can figure out the last little pieces and polish this damn thing.
So, close up fighting works, long fighting works, pathfinding works, getting hurt works (take that!) and the knockback code almost works. It knocks enemies into the air, to the top of their arc to be specific, and then forgets about them. That’s not quite right. But, I can fix that. Shouldn’t take long.
Regardless, the next things, the last things really, the counter and the throw shouldn’t actually take long. Basically, the Throw system is a canned animation. It would run on a loop, like the attack strings but without all the parts that are confusing. When I say that it’ll be a loop I mean it. Basically, “Play this animation, it is X long. When you get to X, stop.”
Counter also shouldn’t take long, just a quick mod to the Block code because enemies with either block or counter, but never the same kind of both. So, a high block or a high counter and a low block or a low counter. Easy like Sunday morning. Then if there is a hit of the right kind, go ahead and do a thrown animation. At least, that’s how it should work.
Oh right, combat collisions, almost forgot. Ah, no, I already have that.
So now, at least for this, I’m seeing the end. I’m so looking forward to working on something else.

-In the continuing story of The Tester he went off for his interview, filled out a few dozen pages of paperwork and had a 5 minute interview. They also gave him a sticker so he could wander around the secure areas. They say they’ll call him back. I wonder if that’s good. Either way, they took his sticker. Bastards.

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