False Opportunity

Today I’m smarting from what may be considered a failure in some circles. Not so in others. I’ll start at the beginning.
I came across a job doing some in house testing work for a local game studio. It’s one of the larger ones, so I’ll spare the details here. In any event, I called to get some more information about it. Turns out it’s a contract job with a slight possibility of being hired on and/or promoted at some point in the future. Further, it doesn’t pay terribly well. Compared to other jobs it does, but compared to the ones that I need to, you know, live it really didn’t stack up.
So what? Why does this random crap get a post? The point is, I really wanted this to work. I spent all last night trying to figure out how, and today I see it’s not something that is feasible. But, I was hopeful. It never occurred to me (some would say to my detriment) that I wouldn’t get the job had I applied. It seemed that in this case, if I could get it to work, if I could figure it out, then I could change my circumstance. But alas, not today. Not today. I do have dozens of floating resumes though. Maybe tomorrow. Or this afternoon.
That’s not quite the end of the story though, and I may update this later based on what happens. I sent over all the information to our resident Tester (who’s full name / superhero identity, the credits would tell you, is Kevin O’Neil) and offered to give a reference. Just because it’s not a perfect fit for me doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be good for him. I hope it goes well.

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