Going for Broke / Plan C

I’m ready for more now. I’m tired of waiting now. I’m ready to have everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m ready to try this for real. I’m ready, and I’ll only waste away waiting for it to happen. So, Plan C – I’m going to try to find a way to fund me. The idea of course, is to try to find a publisher that can see the potential that Thief can have on Xbox Live and is willing to pony up some funding. Then, Star Frog Games can be my job, not just my hobby. In an odd kind of way, the whole point of this little project was to show the world that I can do this. Yet, somehow, this project has shown me that I can and that I should.
There are too many questions that need answering : How do I set up a pitch? How do I write one? Where do I have to go? What do I have to do? What do I do when I get funding? What will the terms be? Will I still have the same freedoms? How will this change the dynamics that my plucky little team has created? Will they still want to come along?
But, there are always questions. I mean, when I started this I knew almost nothing. It was all theory and big ideas. But I’ve proven to myself the ability to figure it out. Being a start-up. Making a product, making a return on an investment. This I can do. But this, this would be Big. Large, life changing. The possibilities staggering, the price of Failure – paralyzing. Yet I think I’m at a crossroads, where the fear of doing something is outmatched by the fear of being nothing.
So now, I look for the possibilities. I will have to travel, I will have to find the way to do it all, I must find a way to make it happen.

We can do this. We can have everything we’ve ever wanted. We can be anything.

It’s too late, it’s too soon, it’s too late, it’s too soon, or is it tick tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM.

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