Headlong Attack

Attacking is approaching something that could be considered to work. I figured out what I meant by the variables I used through use of deduction and clever use of a drawn out map. Of course, clever use of the variable names could have, and would have, saved me a bunch of time in that regard, but now at least, the animations work. Once.

Now it seems that the animation and animation call functions and all that work, but they are getting odd information from the rest of the program, which causes an error. So it runs through all the attacks in the string and then forgets what it was doing like somebody jingled some keys in front of it. Crashing ensues. At least I’m narrowing it down. I should have it all done soon. Then I can get the parry system working. I’m thinking that the parry will work by stunning The Thief and going immediatley into a prearranged attack. The player will not be able to block the counter attack and it should work like the Doc says ->. I’m thinking that a throw attack is probably the best bet off of a parry, since it will also knock back The Thief character – possibly into danger. But, attacks and blocks need to work before I can get that built. With that, I should be able to start getting the transitional AI to work, which I assume will take the most time to balance.

– For those of you (Who am I kidding? Nobody reads this.) keeping track at home, updates to the Design Doc are shown in blue. If I delete something, I’ll leave it, but mark it red.

-Right then. In non-game news I’ve come to a conclusion that takes some backstory to follow. Since I’ve been, say, 12, I’ve found that I write very similarly to how I speak. This realization allows one to write papers and so on without feeling as if they’re doing real work. Indeed, I find that an Essay Assignment isn’t hard and haven’t bitched and/or moaned about one since the 4th grade. How I write was always the way that I spoke.
The conclusion that I’ve come to is that it’s beginning to float the other way. I’m starting to speak the way that I write. As my writing output has increased considerably since I’ve begun this project (this is entry 170 or so) my vocabulary that I use and the way in which I form sentences has begun to, well, sound like this sentence. I mean, I was chatting about this and I found myself using the word “Speak.” While that is correct nobody does that. I wonder if this will continue, and if my word choice and diction will make if difficult for me to converse with people.

– On something else, I need to rant. If you are one of those people that use the phrase, “That’s all I know,” stop. Please. It makes you sound like an idiot, especially if the phrase is used as a way to end a discussion. How do you counter that without sounding like a prick? The answer that I want to snap back with is, “Why does that not surprise me?” Or failing that, “Because you can’t remember more that one thing at a time?” Or “Because you are dumb.” So, yeah, stop.

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