The first half of the cliffs is done. Now I’m onto the second half for building and scripting. I’m confident it will be quicker, since yesterday I polished off the rest of the scripting in the second half. So about an hour was all it took. Having established methods for creating and dealing with the scripts, it’s a lot easier that doing it from scratch all the time. Today I’ll start getting the rest of the level put together. I’m feeling it’s full steam ahead now, the only thing stopping me from the end, is me. We can do this.
I’ll put together another install and get it to The Tester.

– In non game news I got around to play Battlefield Heroes. I got to put together a little British dude and pick a class and did the tutorial and was enjoying myself to a point. Planes fly like retarded toasters, but what can you do? The pictures of abstracted looking soldiers encouraged me to continue onward, the sweet gameplay juices were in there someplace, just ahead. “You can use your bearded British dude. Think of all the fun you’ll have driving a tank.” So I when ahead and jumped into a game. Somewhere between the lag, the fact that it was my first experience with the WASD control setup, and the fact (that I had forgotten) that everybody on the magic of internet is a dick, I died. I died a lot. Then I died again. One memorable death involved being run over by a tank shortly after respawn. I think it may have been driven by one of my own dudes.
That’s about when it struck me, I’d rather play COD4 or Halo 3 to get my death match on. I’m not saying that I’m really good at either of those games (well, maybe Halo. On a good day I’m death in azure armor) but even when I die, I can see the polish on the experience. The lack of lag and my ability to wield a controller like a samurai wields a sword both also help. No, it’s not quite fair to compare BHs to either of those games, since BH is free. But I can’t help feeling that it’s like eating at a restaurant you don’t like – sure it’s food, but you’re thinking about eating something else the whole time.

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