I Think I’m Paranoid

Things are clicking along too well. If stuff continues at this rate I may actually finish the new object system sometime today and get on to the other prototypes that need doing. But, that just doesn’t happen. Ease exists only to lull you into a false sense of security so that when the proverbial cow patty hits the alegorical fan it destroys your world.
I got the object system installed. It was made easier when I figured out that the individual parts of an array can be used as a variable would. I mean “if Map(Loop,2) – 7 > 65” works. It barely looks like anything, but it works anyway. With this out of the way I assigned a hot key and started plastering my test level with “Objects!” tags. Next up in the docket it to assign the type to the objects and update the save system. I’m thinking I can build a Selection Loop like for the map to select the objects. With that done, I’ll build the animation system – but that should go fast too since I can refer to the bloody things as variables. This is too easy, I’m clearly doing something wrong.
Of course I do have to make ThiefEd a little easier to use. The plan is to give it the Ron so he can put the animated bits he wants right into the level where he wants them. Between that and the constantly updated background image that is already a feature, it should help with making the levels look very pretty.

– Speaking of which, I probably should talk to the artists about the gameplay features. I mean, if they can’t get the art done for some of the newish features (like the combat upgrade) then I could skip building the prototype and get right back into level building. I’ll find out on Friday when we meet up.

– Oh, and I got my new files moved over to my new computer, and nothing works. The code fails for silly stupid crap: “What do you mean “WaitTimer()” isn’t a Blitz Command?” “Why are you crashing? The Files are all in the same damn place!” ‘Yes Vista, I still do want to load that. You can shut the hell up now.” Argh. I don’t know why it does that. So even though I have a shiny new laptop I can’t do work on it. It’s okay though, I like the old keyboard more.

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