Mix Master

If I could hate things to death I think I would, probably way too frequently. Could my evil eye increase in potency enough to cause harm to things? That would be good.
Actually, that would be bad. My laptop would have a 40 caliber glare hole through it by now. A smoking void that would probably increase the air flow through it. Yeah, it’s probably best that I can’t hate stare something to harm.
In any event, I figured out the stupidity of the program yesterday. The loop only wanted to work if I put graphics up. I don’t know why really, but once it functioned I was able to make progress. I discovered that I can have Sounds and I can have Channels. Channels are made up of sounds, and exist in a 1-1 ratio, so I thought that they were interchangeable. It turns out that they aren’t. I don’t have finer control over channels, just different control over them. So I can pause a channel, I can only stop and restart a sound. I can alter the volume of both, but the volume knob on sounds seems to be broken. I can also pan both, and again, only channel panning works worth a damn.
So now, all the music is a channel. 2 channels actually. The normal music and the other is a different tune. So I set these up with some music and assigned a little switch, so if I make The Thief duck, it changes the channel playing. So I can switch back and forth between them on a whim (using something other than ducking obviously).
This new knowledge of something that works will also allow me to add working functionality for positional stereo sound. My new tricks will make the game that much more Pro. I’m happy with them, although I fear that the new ability to change music dynamically, or mix songs together may be giving The Composer some worry.

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