New Vistas

I hate Vista. I really do. So much. Like, if it was hanging from a cliff and I was the only one around that could help it up, I would kick it down just to watch it die. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very pretty operating system and is all glassy and candy.
The most generally grievous affront to my subtle sensibilities is that it refused to compile my damn code. I’ll repeat that and add some emphasis. It refused to compile my damn code. Try as I might, nada.
So I got a reply back from the fine people that built Blitz. Who replied quickly by the way, in spite of being in New Zealand. I love internet, much faster than pigeons. Right then, they asked the important question, “Do you have the new version?” “The What?” I replied to myself, since I was staring at an email that clearly wasn’t going to reply. At least not today. So I went ahead and got the new version and now my program both runs and compiles on my new Vista saddled lap top computing machine.
In doing so, I’ve discovered that the game runs a little quicker on the new system. While this isn’t entirely unexpected, I did think that I fixed that particular bug. Ah well, programming for another day.
Since my data is still in the husk of old laptop, I can’t really continue the AI protocols yet. I can get to building some more levels and writing some documentation for the tools, so I’ll do that tonight instead.

-No, I have no regret for the Star Wars pun. I would, and probably will, do it again.

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