PAX Pass

I received word back about PAX. It is expensive. There is no indie area. I’ll pester the dudes that run the place at Comic-Con. They seem approachable in a way. So, with no indie area, I’d need a booth like a real grown-up, and those run me $2100 a pop. It’d be 10 X 20, and $2100. To put that in perspective, the total budget for the entire game has been about $40.00. Add to that the cost of software to get my data back and we’re looking at just over $100.00 ($109.95 to be exact). So to show at PAX, it’s 21 times the cost of development.
So, I’m thinking of ways to try and fix that. The thought I’m having is splitting it with other devs. You get 5 Exhibitor passes with the booth, so if I could get 4 other indie devs then we get in on a time share-esque sharing program. How that would work, I have no idea though. I’ll look around and see what I can see.

In other news, Yahoo has finally found this site. We actually come up higher than we do in Google, 2nd for “Indie Confessions.” Yet, Yahoo is still dead to me.

Sent another resume. We’ll see how that goes. I’m hopeful since the company has a record of doing platform games and I have a record of doing platform games. Hmm, hopeful.

-Yes, $109.95. Take that Braid and your $180,000.

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