Priority Incantatem

My my my. Here we are again, back from the dead and with a new Word Press hosted space for these ramblings, such as they are going to be. As I write this, I’m thinking of a bunch of different things. First, this is the new 2.0 version of the website, and the new 2.0 version of the company I guess.

Welcome! I’m quite happy to finally have us in a new place where we can do lots of very cool things. I’m finding the Word Press software to be open source and simultaneously inviting. I’ve yet to run into something that I wanted to do, and couldn’t for one reason or another.It’s quite nice.

Anyway, let me address the elephant in the room (so to speak). Yes, I vanished. Went stealth as it were. I had nothing to write about (or thought I didn’t) so didn’t write anything. I’ve been, well, let’s just say that I’ve been busy. For most of what I was doing before, my education had taken more of a backseat to anything I was doing here. Which was both good and bad I guess. But I had come to the conclusion that, my code isn’t going to go anywhere, my games aren’t going to go anywhere, and they’ll be right where I left them when I get back to them. But college, that’s a proverbial horse of an altogether proverbially different color. I will only ever get to do it once. Doubly so if I do it right. Since I doubted very much that anybody wants to hear about my studies in the fine arts of English and Writing, I just more of less kept it to myself.

Hence, that title up at the top of the page there. For the last year and a half, my priorities have changed. Before I could never really focus with everything I had on this, much as it pains me (and as much as it may surprise anybody that looks at what I managed with what time I did have). Couldn’t go the other way either, and devote my full attention to my studies. Turns out that when I devote undivided attention at something, I conquer it. Like, hard.

Case in point, my current University GPA is 3.85, Dean’s List caliber for 4 of 5 semesters. I’m running a perfect 4.0 for the last 2 semesters running. The motto for this semester is simply, “Three-peat.” I’m the President of an Honors society, member of the University Leadership Circle and am widely known for my writing prowess and critique of work, fiction or otherwise. All of this while holding down the job that keeps the lights on in my house so I can write this and burning midnight oils 4 nights a week. I’ve rarely had this level of constant background stress, and it feels as if I’m operating on another level entirely. Not that I’m trying to boast or anything (these are simply facts)

Focus, can do amazing things. Lasers too, and both start to be far less effective when you spread them around.

So, I’m not going to lie and promise to post tomorrow, or the day after, or even soon. But I will, and when I do, I’ll be far more focused than I have ever been before.

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