It’s happened again. My computer, and one of the reasons that this blog hasn’t been updated in a while, is that my old computer caught a bad case of the deads. This of course, was the new computer that I had. I sat down and had an entire afternoon to get some serious code and level building going. Instead it just fell down and ate shit. The motherboard burst like a blister, creating an actual smoky cloud and, when I gave it a second go, a small pop of what appeared to be bloody flames. Fuggin flames, actual inferno styled flames. Thankfully, the inferno happened about as far from the processor and hard drive as possible, so I’m certain that the Paper Zeppelin assets is nice and safe in there in it’s tiny little life boat.
So that’s the current status of Paper Zeppelin, which makes me want to scream. How am I supposed to showcase my game design abilities if the only playable build of the goddam software is locked inside a DOA computer? You know what? I can’t, I fuggin can’t, hence I want to scream.
In the meantime, I’m going to replace the motherboard from my currently sick laptop. Hopefully I’ll be able to properly resurrect the old system, since first of all – I like that computer. It’s fast but not too fast, so anything that I build on it will run on XBLIG. The Alienware that I’m looking to buy will actually be too fast, since it will have a faster archetecture than the 360. This isn’t actually good as far as I am concerned. So I know that computer, I like that computer, and I’ll post how the motherboard exchange works when I get to it. Failing that I’ll use the similar technique I used during The Necromancer Saga (see above for those posts).
Anyway, like I’ve said before, in death and injury, a computer at Star Frog Games gets a name. The last one is named Shiney, all misspelled like that. It’s the name that I’ll use to refer to it, but I’m not willing to send it into that good night just yet.

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