I believe that the title is a real word. If not, I’m just going to go with it anyway. Note the “or” ending which makes a verb a proper noun given the right context (see also, Author, Auditor, Editor and, I suppose, Auror). After that, maybe the title “So Happy Together” would have been a better choice. Anyway, where was I? Oh right…

Thank you thank you thank you, you are too kind.

I got Shiney (sic) back together again. Right now there is still an alarmingly large pile of little screws that go inside and will hold the little brute together, but I got it to boot. After 4 hours (and being up until 1:00 AM – haven’t done that in a while {too long of a while actually}) I managed to put all the pieces back into their correct places, and enough screws to keep it held together.
As I was putting Shiney back together, I kept having moments of feeling like Tony Stark from the first Iron Man movie. Holding little screwdrivers and putting the little bits of wire into the right places. Hardware, unlike software, doesn’t give a lot of instant feedback. In fact, I didn’t really know until about 10 minutes ago if the thing would even start. Since the last time it caught goddamn fire, I had just a wee bit of trepidation about mashing that Go button. That button by the way, is a hells of a lot more worrisome that the Compile button ever was.
Then it started, and stuff popped up on screen. Familiar stuff even. Computer stuff that wasn’t screaming like a blastered R2 unit. Followed by, dare I say, happy sounds. The new little fan spinning happily along, making a noise like a computer fan aught to, not like a 747 Jumbo Jet going supersonic into a mountain side like a drunken Superman. The Windows logo popped up and that little jingle played letting me know that the days of taking apart, putting together and hoping it would work were something. Letting me know that somehow, in spite of everything people told me about trying to fix a laptop, I had Ra’s Al Ghuled that motherfucker.
So yeah, now we get the rest of those little ducky levels all lined up and we got ourselves a game.
-Speaking of which, I got some test playing in for Desperado. It’s still, so sorry about the incoming pun, in desperate need of some tweaks. But thankfully, I can see the core gameplay underneath, and I can ken what it wants to be. Since it’s a card game, it won’t ever feel right. Instead I have to play it until it seems right. When the basics are in a reasonable state, I’ll post up everything I have regarding the project, and maybe you fine folks can play. I think that would be quite fun indeed.
– Just came back from Comic-Con. Hence the abundance of comic references. I apologize for nothing.
I can take apart the remote control,
And I can almost put it back together.

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