11 Days. Still on track, I think. Yesterday I created and debugged the Front End Menu and it’s, well, very Pro. I like it quite a bit. I need to make some minor modifications (like the Italicised font I used is a little hard to read with the background it is on) but overall it works well. I also adjusted the Pause menu so that it kicks you to the front end when you quit instead of straight out of the program, a feature that I like. Again, going for polish and making it look Pro.
Today I’m meeting with my team to get a general progress report and see where we are. Then I can make the decisions on how to continue with the scripting. I’ll see how that goes.

-One issue, I totally blanked on making a new compile of the current build. So now I get to run home before class, compile the build and run off. I might, might, find a minute to disable the drop down code for climbing. However, I fear that making that change and then not testing it might make the build totally unplayable.

-Pro? What is this “Pro” I speak of? It’s retard Southern Californian slang for “Professional” in that something is well put together and doesn’t reek of amateurism. So in how I use it here, I mean the game has features that one would expect from a professionally produced game with much, much, much higher production values.

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