Steppin’ Razor

I’m finding C# to be kind of scary. There’s just so many things that it’s capable of doing that it needs way to keep all of those things in order. It’s got libraries of content and the IDE has the cute capability to show me what a given function needs for input. Oh, and it has autofill like my Jesus Phone, so a quick tab and I’ve called code into the world.
Yet, it does a lot of things that give The Rage and The Fear like squiggly brackets, main function loops and the ever present semi-colon. Not to mention a whole new vocabulary including Static, Void, Main and Namespace, oh which I didn’t know anything as of yesterday. It’s like my brain has a hole in it and stuff is being pumped right in. To wit:

“Static” means that the function or variable you’ve got there isn’t ever going to change. I guess this means it takes less memory or something. I’m not sure what the point is.

“Void” is something added to the front of functions that doesn’t return a value. My Blitz Code would probably have 99% of the functions with this on the front because my software runs from the top to the bottom using global variables.

“Main” is the program itself. C# and C based languages all use one of these because the thought is, “Find the Main Function, and run it.” This is different than Basic bases languages which say, “Find the Top and run to the bottom, stop when you get there.” Basically, in C#, if it’s not a declaration of variables (or independence) it’s probably lives inside a function.

“Namespace” I still have no idea, but it seems to be a linchpin of the whole language. I think it’s a way for C# to not confuse itself, but I’m still not sure.

Right then, “why am I doing this” is a legitimate query. I mean, I’m already super versed in another language and have the capability to make games. The honest answer is so I can play The Thief’s Tale on XBLI and other people can too. Yes, we’ll probably get hits and people playing our game if it’s given away via the altruism of internet. But we’ll get more my several factors of 10 on Indie Games, which is the true point. I mean, I’d give it out for free on XBLI if I could if people play it.
Further, I’ve decided that moving forward, I’m going to use C# exclusively on the next project (the EP). Specifically because it’s portable. I can do something once and (cue the Batman SFX) BAM! on the computer and then BLAMMO! it’s on XBox too.
But I’m moving into big kids territory here. The abilities that I’ll have at my disposal will be more than I have now, I just need to take the time to learn it. Baby steps a little at a time, slowly and surely. Then, oh yes, my Kung Fu will be Strong.

…like a strong House Beat Dub…

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