The Cliffs

Yeah, so these are getting hacked down to almost nothing. So, what I will do with them is combine them into the Castle Rooftops/Wall. Then the Castle Interior will be the main highlight of the game (the peanut butter in the Reese’s – so to speak). So that will be good. On tap today is to get the Timed Switches worked out (I may be able to use a Type variable – or I may Cave man the whole thing like the rest of the engine). Already figured out the non-timed switches, and they work out pretty good. They work once and then they are always open.

After that, I may get some of the Crypt done. After looking at the plans, there aren’t that many places to implement the new switches so I’ll work a couple into the designs so they aren’t a sudden WTF when they are everywhere in the Castle.

-In random other crap, I made a slight modification to the story so there is a better reason for The Thief to be trapped inside (it involves roof window, a chandelier and a medieval security system).

-Also, got me an idea for my texture artist person. I think I’m going to let them use the level editor. Then they can get the images and crop them and make the changes that they mentioned to get the art to synch really well. I think that’s the way I want to go. Plus, I can easily send the downright tiny files that ThiefEd reads over the internet a lot easier than sending dozens and dozens of images.

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