The Game

Okay, so it occurred to me that the Game that I keep mentioning has no context, so here goes. The game is tentatively called The Thief’s Tale and features a main character with the inventive name of The Thief. The goal of the game is to escape a Castle and clutches of The Princess, the person who imprisoned him in the dungeon inside said Castle. Throughout, The Thief encounters a variety of mis-adventures eventually leading to several endings. You’ll have to play the game when it is finished for more (sorry, no script postings – can’t give it all away for free).
The names are done that way on purpose. Instead of just having nothing names that convey in some sense what I want to say, I’ve decided to leave the names themselves as a kind of cipher. In other words, nobody remembers the names anyway and the characters all get reduced to titles. So, instead of giving some made up name, he’s just The Thief. The Princess is just what she sounds like. The Captain and The General are the same. Since I’m telling a fractured id centered fairytale I’ve decided to deconstruct the story at a super basic level. Then, the characters just are.
-The game itself is a platform game, in the style of the original Prince of Persia, but smoother and with better control. In effect, I really wanted to add some of the newer gameplay elements into that kind of game and make it relevant again. Then, once I’ve done that, the goal is to take the basic platforming gameplay and stretch it as far as it will go. Almost break it so it’s new again. I have a previous post about Olde Skool and Next Gen, so look it up if you’re confused.
-Oh, google lost me after I added the ad. Oh well, they’ll spider again eventually.
-I had another idea. Today in the news Microsoft revealed that they will make XNA available to offer games for sale. FOR SALE! I thought that I may eventually port the code to XNA (which uses C# – a language without Global Variables. Who TF doesn’t use Global Variables? It’s like having sentences without nouns). But, the lack of really caring prevented me. You see, I don’t care about the Microsoft custom language that they built. It strikes me like learning to speak Hawaiian. Sure you can talk to that one guy you know, but who else gives a crap? That changed when I learned I can offer a deal. Right now, I have no money for the project, so I could not pay a programmer really, well, anything. What I could do is try to convince them to work for scale. So, port the code to C# and get it to run on the XNA service and help me go through the appropriate hoops, and I give 25% of the net profit. In the end, could be nothing, or could be lots. I’ll put ads up when the code is feature complete on my end and I have the assets in place.
-If, and it’s a big if, considering Google lost me, you find this and are a programmer that knows C# and would like to work for “maybe” money, please leave a comment and I’ll contact you.

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