The Opposite of Failure

Joys. Joys in every direction of every flavour. Right now I’m a massive Glee Robot rampaging through Tokyo destroying everything with my face mounted Happy Rockets (provided by the fine people over at Happy Happy Joy Joy Demolitions Inc). “Why?” somebody could ask. “For what reason is Tokyo being leveled once again? What god has cursed us with this unsaddness that has wrought doom upon these fine folks?” I just got my final grade in the last class that I needed to get my first degree and I passed. Like I said before, it wasn’t pretty or anything, but I did it. This is a good, if eventful year. First I get Thief in for IGF and now, I’ve gotten my A.A. Degree. It’s one more thing, and now new jobs should open up, new vistas are available and new opportunities to do what I love are mine for the taking.

-It almost makes my want to Riverdance. Almost, wait for it. Ah, no, it’s passed now.

-Ah, I was wrong! *Riverdances*

– I’m good now…lies! *Riverdances…again*

– Ah, right. I do have game news today too. Kevin found me a programmer. Now here’s the issue I have. The first is that, I already built the engine. I could hand it over and then help debug as necessary, but I built it so I already know, or can quickly figure out, bugs. So I would love a programmer, but what the heck would I do with one? Jeez, even the scripting isn’t something that I need a programmer for, as it’s all either A) Super basic or B) going to me a movie. The one thing I got, is to port the engine to C#. That would put the game into a language that can be put on XNA and Creator Clubbed (like a seal). Putting our game in as front of as many people as possible is kind of the whole point after all.

-CID does not regret the seal clubbing joke. CID does regret dragging the Glee Robot analogy out past where is was still clever and/or amusing.

“Joygasm“, noun, totally made up word. Def : A pleasurable, yet explosive discharge of joy.
antonym : self, killing

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