Waste My Days

I’ll get right to the point, which is to say that the thing from before, didn’t work out. Funny story though goes with it. You see, my fear from yesterday seems to have been unfounded. I know this, because I did something quick, and impetuous; once I got the email that said, “Sorry,” I asked “Why?” Then, I got a reply.
The reason was fine. I had effectively found myself in a Kobiyashi Maru situation. For those of you at home that have exactly zero idea of what the hells that is, it’s an unwinnable predicament. So while I was a good fit, and on the short list for consideration, they found a perfect fit, with experience in the language that had also come recommended by someone that was already there. Regardless of indie cred, that’s simply a Goliath that this David doesn’t have the stones to beat – figuratively or literally.
I was struck with a fuggin cacophony of emotion (I love that word – cacophony, but I never get to use it in a sentence). First was an odd kind of pride. I consistently get callbacks and interviews. Not occasionally, but like a ticking clock. All of this stuff that I’m doing, is clearly the right way to be going. Keep at it, and I will get there, my long waited for Exodus.
The other, was the unJoy of not getting it. But now, looking back, I’m over it. The fierceness of my pride overpowering it like a lion made of fire. Besides, other pots cook still.

– Which brings me to a shameless plug. I’m soon to be contributing to GamerRoad.com, a new site that’s less about roads and more about games. I’ve been given carte blanche to write about pretty much anything I want, so you’ll see some of the kinds of things I rail on here. I’m also going to make the attempt to push a continuing XBLI Review feature, since the indie games get about zero publicity and very few on internet really make a point of trying them out. So look for that in the future.

– Finally, C# University is back in session. I’ve been, let’s use the term “screwing around” far too much in Assassin’s Creed 2, and I needs to get back into working on something that may throw dollars my way someday. I mean, classes and functions are built, I need to make them do something now though. Updates incoming.

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  1. Was wondering if it’s all ditigal game development or are you open to tabletop game development also? I am currently developing a few RPG pen and paper campaigns. Eventually i’d like to do more ditigal entertainment design, but currently finances keep me from pursuing that much further than lending my storytelling skills.

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