Why be Sweet when you can be Crunchy?

Crunch time is upon us. It has reared its ugly head. I always knew that it would be tight, even with scheduling and trying to plan with some extra time. It’s never just enough. Soon the days and nights blur together into animations and code, the brain never getting free of the Project. Always thinking, always wanting. The reflex is to work more so it is finished, so you can stop, so you can have control of your brain again. It becomes all consuming, it becomes precious. Then, the madness sets in.

-I thought of this earlier:
Crunch time is waking up wondering if you build will compile.
Crunch time is having your A-Hole of a Producer insist that you stay up past midnight to work in spite of your migraine.
Crunch time is trying to sneak in a few minutes before you go to work.
Crunch time is dreaming electric dreams of electric sheep and Matrix code.
Crunch time sucks.

-After reading the Blog of my Animator, it’s good to know it’s not just me. =D

– For that electric dreams whine, no really, last night I had a dream and in that dream I was fucking working.

– One more : Crunch time is seeing “=D” and not thinking it’s a smiley, but thinking, “Equals what? That’s so going to crash.”


-Anyway, the second level is done. Still no chapter titles, but those are on the way. Everything from the opening fall to the cave in (with falling ROCKS!) works. The scripting animation trick works too. It is looking really good and as polished as can be with the placeholders. So that’s finished. Now I can focus on finishing up the Front End and the Credits, Bug fixes (of which there are few) and finalizing the animations and scenes. It’s looking possible. I think we can do it. I think we can.

My Precious

-On bugs, with a few exceptions there are very few. I think the reason for that is twofold. The first is that the game mechanics are pretty simple so there are few places to have bugs. The other is that I built the engine from scratch and regression tested the hell out of it. Every new piece got tested and retested. So that’s not to say that there’s aren’t still bugs, but while I built the engine and designed the gameplay it was run so many times that it came out pretty decent. Of course, I think that the Tester’s second report is coming today, so I’ll get to find out how wrong I am.

…it hurtses us it does…

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