With This Ring I Thee Kill

No game development news really today. Other than continued work towards the port is on hold for a few weeks.

Instead, my XBOX died. It caught a case of the infamous red ring and is now boxed up for UPS. Of course, having a non-working console is nothing new to me really. I once had an NES that only worked if I poured water into the cartridges and then set a dictionary precariously on top. Actually 3, and I wish that I was making that up. I also had a Genesis (no SNES for me *sob*) that worked occasionally if I jiggled the little cart just so.

I also had an N64 that worked fine, if you consider the games that weren’t Zelda to be “working.”

I also had a first generation (very likely first factory run) PS2 that worked flawlessly until the power of Kratos overpowered it will awesomeness. It’s having the same issue really as my green XBOX, it’s not something I can fix. I mean when I was 10 or so I opened up my NES and lovingly cleaned the boards with alcohol and q-tips before I very carefully bent back the little connector pins to ensure its working for another 5 years.
With the XBOX, it just has little lights that appear that tell me, “Hey, we’re uh…dead.” It’s not like I can open it up and try to fix it with any hope of success. Further, the act of doing so will void the warranty ensuring that nobody qualified will fix it either.
So, yeah, merry fucking Xmas.

– In game news I’m taking this extra time to finish some stuff up. So that little final boss area, totally getting that done today. Probably going to install the achievement counters too.

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