Working Two Jobs

I’m getting that trapped feeling again due to things I don’t want to get into here. Not that it isn’t the forum, but specific rants about specific things may directly affect opportunities currently floating. In any event these things depressed me. After going through the “Feeling Rotten” stage and the following “Screw It Despondency” I emerged into the happy Senatorial “You’re good enough, smart enough and gosh darnit, people like you,” at the end, but armed with new insights from the process. Basically, if Thief is really going to succeed, I need to focus.
During the Despondency Phase I thought that I was wasting my time and my professional life stuck in limbo. “What,” I reasoned, “could I have accomplished if I worked 40 hours a week instead of just a handful?” Quite a lot I believe. I’ve been approaching this project the wrong way for too long because it worked. Treating the project as more of a hobby, a passing interest and less like the real life thing that it has become. I need to treat it as a second job.
So, starting yesterday, I worked for 2 hours when I got home. At 8:30, I stopped. I’m going to continue with this, and I think I’ll see faster, and more consistent progress. Fewer fits and starts. More specific deadlines for little things. The discipline will keep me in line and really bring this about. We’ll see how it goes.

For the AI, it’s broken and I don’t know why. The enemies close the distance in combat (although it does look a little artificial – maybe we can correct that in animation) and then the Action Timer acts more like it’s archnemesis – the InAction Timer. It stops. No reason for it to stop really. Actually, it counts up. It may be getting confused somewhere along the line and getting constantly reset, but the why of it eludes me at the present. I’ll kick it until it submits later today.
It’s a little more irritating because the rest of the AI is installed and I can’t test it yet because the trigger refuses to, um, trigger. So it may be working. Maybe. Hopefully I’ll find out that it is working better than I hoped. The code somehow direct from the muses onto the screen. Or it’ll crash. I wrote it, so that’s always a very real possibility.

Finally, I did a quick check of the little advert in the lower right corner. Go ahead and find it. Click it a dozen times and come back, I’ll wait…

Thanks. When I checked the information on it, it turns out that I’m up $1.19 because of that thing. It’s been up for a year and a half and I’m up $1.19. I’m loathe to think of the per word cost. Either way, that’s free production money and I’ll take it. Well, metaphorically speaking, since I need at least $10.00 to get a check sent to me. But you know, I’m not waiting. The current budget is $133.81.

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