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  • Fun With Maths
    This post started off just as notes that I was taking for myself, and so I’ve presented those thoughts, slightly edited for clarity. I thought it might be interesting to actually lay out the way that I think about things in more or less “real” time as I was thinking about them and taking notes.…
  • Just A Little Board
    It’s been a busy couple of days here at the Star Frog HQ. The bulk of my development has been tied into creating art assets, which is something that A) I’m not very good at all things considered which means that B) it takes me a rather long time to put together something that looks…


Dungeon Quest

Draft cards! Build your deck! Go on an Adventure! Bring your friends! Dungeon Quest is the new Multiplayer Card Drafting Dungeon Crawler from SFG.

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Paper Zeppelin

Fly into (Construction Paper) Action in this side scrolling multiplayer shooter coming to PS4, XBOX ONE and Steam.

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The Thief’s Tale

The original Star Frog Games production. Offered here is the original Independent Games Festival entry, and the final development version.

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What We Do

Star Frog Games is a freelance and independent game and design studio, meaning that we turn our unique development minded ethos towards creating solutions in game development, software development and web design for our own projects and those of our clients.

Along the way we’ve developed the technical skills that our clients need in today’s world. With an eye on usability and making the final product a joy to play with, we can find ways to keep an audience engaged. Using both gameplay design, and top notch web design principals. No one else has our breadth of experience.

Star Frog Games is an indie developer, and we bring that mindset into every project we work on. We’re always thinking of how to leverage what we have available and do something cool with it.

Let’s build something together…

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