Almost…but not quite.

I just got a reply about the job that I interviewed for. It turns out that they are going with somebody else. So that, well, sucks.

But all is not lost, after all, I am getting TTT done for IGF. Besides, a few things occurred to me:

– The listing was pulled down from their site a few days before I got the reply. This means that I was at least in the final running for the spot. I was not told,” Yeah, thanks guy, but you are a talentless hack and will never amount to anything.” So that’s good news.

– This project got me the interview that put me in the running. So while I didn’t get this job, I am doing the right thing. If I keep doing it, and keep applying myself and my resume then I will get the job that I want. It is just a matter of time and effort.

– I learned to play the game I was applying for. So, maybe, just maybe, if the same job opens again, I will have 1 more qualification that may give me that extra edge. So all in all, the fact that I was in the final running and didn’t have an intrinsic knowledge of the game I would be working on says a lot about my other qualifications.

-Of course, this is all conjecture. But I really hope not.

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