Another Day

I recently had another job interview. There was an NDA so I can’t go into the specifics, so just assume I was applying to work as a Game Designer at the CIA. So I went, got to speak to both the Designer in charge of the project and the owner of the company and play an Alpha Demo of their game. Consequently, I was asked to consider the design and see what kinds of things I would change. I thought that the game would require a more or less complete tear down of the more esoteric features and a return to a more “core” style of gameplay. You know, the part that would make the game special. This didn’t seem to be what they were looking for though, and I’m still working freelance.
Still, getting an interview and a sit down is another step towards my goals, so I have to consider that on some level as a win. Besides, as I thought about it, the job could have gone two ways, and I wrote my suggestions based on that. 1) the Gameplay could have been left unchanged and I could have given suggestions on how to try to polish gameplay features I felt were inherently broken. 2) Give suggestions on how the core gameplay could be fixed, while the suggestions may have proven unpopular. So, if I had gotten the job with #1, then it could have been me working at trying to fix and balance gameplay that I do not think can be fixed. Or, with #2, my suggestions and feedback would be something that would have merit and I would have had the ability to make the game as good as I could. So I went with #2, and argued for core changes. I mean, if #1 got me the job – or #2 didn’t, then it would not be something that would make me happy. So given the options based on the choices I made, I think it’s okay.

– In a post a few days ago, I did mention doing something reckless. In that theme I sent an email to the Designer on the project to ask if there was something I was missing, some skill I was without that I could learn. If I was doing something wrong. What’s the worse thing that happens? No reply? Everything makes you learn something. Sometimes you have the ability to ask questions afterwards though. I’m doing that.

– Ah, yes, laptop still not up. I went back to the store and returned the incorrect cord, only to shortly find out that the cord I need is only made by the manufacturer. No still no es bueno. So yeah, that continues to be a savage case of lame. I’ve ordered one off of the internet and I should have it soon. Maybe. Hopefully.

– With new laptop I’ve taken the advice of a reader (yes I have them now) and registered the space Soon, this may be posted there. Or it won’t. I’m not sure how that would work, but at least somebody can’t buy it and then hold my domain ransom. Oh, and even though people may come here and/or read this, I’ll still write it like nobody else does. That’s the point after all. I mean, I could have verifiable data that thousands visit, but that won’t change how I write. That would be selling out, or something.

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