Back in the Saddle

Damn it feels good to be back and working again. I had almost forgotten after so long how downright awesome it can be, on a minute to minute basis, to be in the process of putting together a video game. Even the extra surrounding crap takes on a weird kind of joy, since I know what’s going to happen later. Never, let me put that again for emphasis:


…will I let myself think it’s a good idea to not be making a bloody video game. When I got on and opened up the code, it took only a minute to remember how everything was put together, and how the C# is structured, and what I was working on last (turns out before I shut it down the level reading part worked, and I had worked out inheritance so that I could make crashing enemies work correctly). The code came quickly, easily, and before I knew what was going on, I had burned through my allotted hours and: updated the bullet speed so it doesn’t suck, added the AI logic for the Dive Bomber Kamikaze enemies, make crashing enemies hit each other, and worked out how to make things rotate when I need them to. It was a very good bit of coding that I got done.

Today the plan is to finish off the AI logic for the Dive Bombers and add a color and rotation option to the basic drawing function. I could write a whole lot more right now, but I’d rather take the minutes bring Paper Zeppelin a little closer to the finish line.

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