Escape Hatch

When I do get a game job the title will be Escape Velocity, but now I have a plan.

It’s a 3 part plan really – organized for easy reading in a bullet style format.

1) Apply for more jobs with an updated resume. Yes, a BA is a fetish object, but no it is not a requirement for the kind of jobs that I’m looking for – Assistant/Associate/Systems Designer, Assistant/Associate Producer or Lead QA. For these entry level jobs an AA and some experience (on say, an IGF submitted project) is wanted. So those, I can do those.

2) Reapply to school. Even though it’s in the Fall, if part 1 works out then I’m still working towards my long term goal of being a Lead Designer. After a year or 2 working as an A.D. or A.P. I’ll be ready to move up to Lead Designer or Producer proper. By then my Degree will be done cooking and ready to eat.

3) If by March I still have no job, then I’ll consider trying out for the EA internship and figuring out working in Los Angeles while living in San Diego. Some may say that EA is the Dark Side, but honestly it doesn’t matter to me, I just want to rock out with the full power of The Force.


3.5) Get Thief done by November. Including getting it ported to XNA for Community Games. Maybe make a few dollars, maybe be able to pay my rent with it (after I split it up with the rest of the team – of course). Maybe if I can’t find anybody else, maybe I can hire myself.

So, yeah, I have a plan. Some long term steps and some short term steps and a goal. Today is a good day.

-Oh right, January 30 is my published date for my Post Mortem. Mark your (I kid nobody, since nobody reads this) calendars and/or Blackberries for what I consider to be a great achievement. Or don’t – it’s your calendar.

– Yes, I like the Sith Joke. So what?

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