Falling Down

I’m working over the AI states, installing the final Fall Down code and getting the Combo system to work on some level. So, 3 hits and the enemies fall down. It’ll be a bigger deal with bosses, but what can you do? As I’m doing it, it seems that the Combo addition goes twice per hit. I think it has to do with the Attack Frame variable not updating correctly. I’m thinking that when I put it in the first time 4 frames at 30 FPS was way too fast and so I made it run on twos. I think it’s still doing that. I’ll make a code notation and make it work for now. I can’t fix it until I have the final attack animations anyway.

The Fall Down code is in. It works a little like the PC’s Jump Function, in that it has a number that is subtracted from the vertical position and that number is reduced every frame until it is less than zero. In game it creates a very nice arc. At least, it’s supposed to. Once the bad guy in airborne, the Falling Function takes over, stopping both the backwards X-Axis Movement and the pretty arc. I think if I modify the Falling Code to assume that the Fall Down state is a kind of platform it should work.

– For those of you at home reading this (yeah right) that don’t know that E3 is going on right now, shame on you. Go ahead and click the little link and then come back. There are lots of other places to get news about that, and I’ve ranted about this previously. I’m totally let down this year. If the best thing that I have to look forward to is a green controller to match my 360, then somebody someplace is doing a terrible job. E3 is the pre-Christmas for gamers everywhere, when we get a sneak peek at all the stuff we’re getting for Christmas (or Chanukkah, or Kwanzaa I guess). Like when I was a kid I would rush to the mailbox and pull out that Toy R Us catalog, rush back into my house as if the sunlight would irrevocably damage it and then proceed to circle most of the stuff in it. E3 is supposed to be like that. Except this year I ran out, grabbed the catalog and found it full of socks and crap I already own.
Granted, there are the games, sequels as far as the eye can see (I’m staring at you Nintendo). I get it, sequels are safe, but I’m getting really tired of sequels. I want the new. So, I’ve got a very short list of things I want (controller included – which ironically comes bundled with a sequel), not the least of which is The Last Guardian. I have no idea what it is about and yet, given the pedigree I want it yesterday.

-Speaking further about E3, I realized that you can go if you have a reason to be there. Generally speaking, the reasons can be pretty lax. I know of at least 1 person that got to go because they draw a web-comic. So, I’m thinking that if it isn’t too expensive I may see if anybody on the Team wants to go. We are industry professionals is a way.

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