Judgement Day / Hurry Up and Wait

This is the last day. Just like the crazy guy on the corner with the cardboard sign (no, the real homeless guy, not that shill standing next to him pretending) the Last Days are here.

So here’s what I have left to do – Install Animations and Backgrounds. That’s it. Once I have those I can finalize stuff, like the scenes. Until then though, I can’t really do anything. So I have stress. Lots of it. It’s not like I can stay up super late and get this done, because last night I was actually just playing the game over and over looking for bugs, waiting for art.
The Character Artist is doing great. I get new frames every hour or so, so that leaves me with 40 minutes in between with nothing to do, yet stuff I want to fix. Like the scenes. The placement is all over the place (HA! A Pun!) but I can’t fix it because I don’t have final stuff with specific heights so I’d end up doing the work again anyway. That’s just wasteful.

The Environmental Artist is also giving me stress. I’ve seen his work and it’s really good and he seems to have a firm grasp of what I want. Further he tells me yesterday that he’s practically finished, but I do not have anything yet. Once I do get art from him it should be as easy and saving the files in the right places, but the lack of in game assets at this point is worrisome.

Of course, this is my fault too. I didn’t get the artists until super late in the process and I realize that they are doing the best they can given the circumstances. This is defiantly a “What Went Wrong” in terms of the development. Yet in spite of that I still think (that’s right not “Hope” or “Feel” – which are irrational, but “Think”) that we can get this done.

I hope that I’m right.

– By the way, Rockstar Energy Drink come in a giant 24 ounce crunch time size. There are the only things keeping me up right now. Oh, and they are yummy.

– I wonder if the Google Ad will pick up on that and try to sell you, good reader (I’m fooling nobody – no one reads this) energy drinks now. I wonder if you can buy those online?

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