Just A Little Board

It’s been a busy couple of days here at the Star Frog HQ. The bulk of my development has been tied into creating art assets, which is something that A) I’m not very good at all things considered which means that B) it takes me a rather long time to put together something that looks nice/decent/passable enough that it won’t be ridiculed when it goes to school.

Additionally, I’ve been coming to grips with the TableTopia interface. It has some odd behaviors since it is a combination of sandbox and physics engine. So you can’t do the following: put a card down, drop some cards on top of said card, select all of the cards on top as a group. That’s…a choice. But once you learn the minor annoyances/quirks/features the system itself is reasonably well put together and rather functional. I’ve slowly come to be a fan of the interface.

But all of this is burying the lede so to speak. The real news is that we have a board for Dungeon Quest: Adventure. I’m excited. Have a look and maybe, just maybe, you too can share in the excitement.

The colored areas are the player’s tableaus where they place cards out of their hand or things that they have drafted. The upper area is where the deck are situated. Something that I’m happy with is that middle grid. During the Draft portion of the game, the cards need to be layed out, and during the Spawn portion enemies have places that they go. So I went ahead and created a neutral area that basically does both and it works great so far in testing.

I’m currently in the process of adding the additional cards into the system. TableTopia does a weird thing where you can set up random assortments of the same object. So those decks at the upper right of the image are made of collections of random cards that pull from the red, blue and green decks folders. That means that once I have the random decks put together, when I add cards into the backend they will appear in the random decks since they are drawing from a specific folder. All of that is to say that once the setup is, well, set up, adding additional assets should be pretty arbitrary.

In other words, I have a board, and in a weird way – I’ve developed an asset pipeline. Old habits, as they say – die hard.

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