Lincoln Log

The blocking is done, I think. I seems to work. A little bubble appears around the enemy of a certain color, the correct variables are, um, correct and they do stuff correctly afterwards. I think. I haven’t put the new pretty animations in, so I’m not quite sure if it’s working. I’m doing that right now.
With that done, I’m going to go ahead and get the enemy collision working so they can attack me again.

Dammit. I don’t have left facing animations. Not a big deal. Worse, I don’t have left facing code that knows the difference. I could expand the array and draw pieces of it based on the state. Hmm, like regular attacks are in a certain place in the array and left facing ones are on the same line, sharing the same information but offset by 30 or so. That could work. I need a new variable to keep track though…or maybe not. I’ll find out.

-Nice. The algebra would look like this and should keep everything straight.

Draw Current Frame + ((EnemyFace – 1) * 25)

This takes the frame that it wants, and if the enemy is facing left, play the animation frames that are offset. by 25, otherwise, the regular ones.

Grrr…my new computer has no image editing software worth a crap. I have Paint, just Paint. I’m reversing the images one at a time now. I miss scripting. =C Screw it.
They’re placeholders for now anyway.

-Note to self. Rename all of the stupid attacks later, like 1-1 and 1-15 and 4-22, then I can load these bloody things with a loop.

…and they’re in now. Not run by an elegant loop, but instead by a fugly list, but in nontheless. Then, with determination I declared, “And Thundercats are GO!” and…nothing. No loading for me thanks. Fixed that but it still won’t play the animations.

I’m obviously mentally deficient. In my haste I got the Image name and the locations confused in the draw function. Now (suprise!) it works. Ah, no, wrong again. Still no worky. Something about my index being out of bounds. I have a test!

-Fail. The test didn’t work. Although now I the animations plays correctly – once. They play and then at the end, crash. I think it’s caused by the system not knowing that it’s all done with the attack string and still looking for the next one. So if there’s 4 attacks, it’ll look for a magical 5th attack, not find animation frames and crash like a NASA martian probe. I’ll get on this tomorrow, as it is getting late in my day.

Wow, I went a whole day and have nothing that works to show for it. Although, at least now I have pieces that don’t work. Before, I had no pieces at all. Pieces I can work with. That’s a kind of progress.

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